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My history with the guitar goes back to the very beginnings of my formal musical training as a youngster. It was not only my first instrument, but it was the one on which I learned to read music. Even though I eventually went on to study piano, violin and viola, the guitar and its fretboard have remained completely hard-wired in my brain, as it were, in much the same way as one's original language would be. Alas! if only the fingers these days could keep up... Despite this, I didn't get around to seriously writing guitar music until 1994 with the composition of my Suite for Two Guitars. Also for two guitars is Spanish Dance from the same year.

In 1996, inspired by my internet friendship with a young guitarist, Andrew Shepard-Smith (then Master of Music candidate at the Cincinnati College-Conservatory of Music under the tutelage of Clare Callahan) I composed Three Preludes for Guitar. The following year I composed Variations on an Original Theme in Folk Style (fifteen) for him. This remarkable young man is now Dr. Andrew Shepard-Smith, Professor of Guitar at Huntington College in Indiana.

NEW: Twelve Bagatelles for Guitar, 2004. Firmly planted stylistically in the nineteenth-century, these pieces will remind some of composers such as Fernando Sor, Mauro Giuliani, and Matteo Carcassi. They are not at all technically difficult, yet will offer a decent challenge to intermediate players looking for fresh material to survey. You can find sample scores and full audio realizations (mp3) below.

NEW: Recordings of the expanded versions of "Twelve Bagatelles for Guitar" with String Quartet.

JUST ADDED: Recordings of "Nine Rags for Three Guitars." These rags are arrangements of my piano rags in classic style.

For more information about this music or to share your thoughts and comments, contact me at

You can now purchase scores of my guitar music at:
Nine Rags for Three Guitars (2008)
Dougherty's Rag
Hot Tater Rag
Barrel Cactus Rag
Sweet Gardenias (a Ragtime waltz)
Post Time Rag
Slim Pickins
Dapper Dan Rag
Inky Dink Rag
Along the Boardwalk (A Coney Island Ragtime Fantasy)

Suite for Two Guitars (1994)
Perky Prelude - mp3
Lament- mp3
Danza -mp3
Mournful Sicilienne -mp3
Finale - mp3

Spanish Dance - a Divertissement for Two Guitars (1994)
Spanish Dance - mp3

Three Preludes for Solo Guitar (1995-96)
Prelude #1 - mp3
Prelude #2 - mp3
Prelude #3 - mp3

Variations on an Original theme in Folk Style (1996)
Variations (Incipits) - mp3 (Theme)

NEW: Twelve Bagatelles for Solo Guitar (2004) (Expanded versions with string quartet (2008)
Andante amabile - Solo - With String Quartet
Grave - Solo - With String Quartet
Allegro molto - Solo - With String Quartet
Andante - Solo - With String Quartet
Vivo - Solo - With String Quartet
Grazioso - Solo - With String Quartet
Allegretto - Solo - With String Quartet
Poco agitato - Solo - With String Quartet
Agitato, tempo rubato - Solo - With String Quartet
Barcarolle - Solo - With String Quartet
Allegro con spirito - Solo - With String Quartet
Waltz - Solo - With String Quartet

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